Tallman Prize Winners

June 24th, 2011

“The Tallman Prize in Honor of Professor William Provine” was endowed by Cornell Trustee Philip R. Reilly, (Cornell Class of ‘69) and celebrates Professor Provine’s dedication to the teaching of evolution and the history of science at Cornell by recognizing exceptional students in these areas. A cash prize of $500 each year was awarded to the student (or students) who wrote the best term paper for Professor Provine’s fall semester evolution course. Each year, the teaching assistants for the course, in consultation with Professor Provine, decided which paper will receive The Tallman Prize. From 2005 to 2008 two Tallman Prizes were awarded each year: one for the best “history/humanities” paper and one for the best “science/technology” paper. The Tallman Prize was discontinued in 2011 when Professor Provine retired.
The winners were:

• 2010: “Sprouting the Seeds of Darwinism: A History of Evolution at Cornell University in the Nineteenth Century” by Zachary Newkirk (.pdf)

• 2009: “Evolution and Creationism at Cornell University” by Natalie Raps (.pdf)

• 2008: “McLean and Kitzmiller: Locating Constitutional Permissibility in the Objectivity of Science” by Ezra Corral (history/humanities) (.pdf)

• 2008: “The Logic of Ground Squirrels: A Window into the Reduction of Decision Theory to Evolutionary Processes” by Ian_Wells_(science/technology) (.pdf)

• 2007: “The Evolution of Human Mate Choice” by Remy Roizin (history/humanties) (.pdf)

• 2007: “Turing’s Dreampond” by Gordon Briggs (science/technology) (.pdf)

• 2006: “The Corruption of Scientific Theory: Darwinism and Nazi Eugenics” by Kevin Peterson (history/humanities) (.pdf)

• 2006: “The Visible Hand: The Role of Humans in Human Evolution in the 20th Century to the Present” by Jessica Leval (science/technology) (.pdf)

• 2005: “Entering the Evolution Debate: A Study of Public Opinion at Cornell University” by Rob Fishman (history/humanties) (.pdf)

• 2005: “Synthetic Evolution” by Will Regan (science/technology) (.pdf)

• 2004:_”On Suckers and Sneakers: An Economic Analysis of Cooperative and Uncooperative Societies in Evolutionary Equilibrium” by Vincent Wong (.pdf)

• 2003: “A History of the Eugenics Movement at Cornell” by Brian Kaviar (.pdf)